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Enjoy the dalmatian dinner in your rented holiday home

Publish by   Mila Franić
Published:   2022-02-28  |   Updated:   2022-02-28

Over 20 years of working experience in tourism has generated some new ideas. We wanted to offer something new and original, create a memory that you can feel, something that you will always remember. So, we came up with an idea to organize an Authentic Dalmatian dinner, at your rented home, with a professional chef and tourist guide.

We wanted the guests to get to know a part of dalmatian culture through the gastronomic story it offers and to try themselves to help prepare the dinner with the mentorship of a professional chef. The enthusiasm and delight of guests after participating in this experience encouraged us to offer this new service to more people.


Dear guests, if you wish to experience this authentic and gastronomy event, or give this experience to your family and friends like an unforgettable surprise on your vacation you are in the right place!

What do we offer?

This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience to enjoy during your vacation, in your rented home.

Once you've booked the experience, we'll get back to you and arrange a two-course dinner - main course and dessert.

For the main course, we recommend the Dalmatian Peka.

Dalmatian Peka is one of the greatest hits of Mediterranean cuisine. This is food prepared under the iron bell. Peka is a round cooking tray, but more commonly, a name for dishes prepared in an open wood-fired brick oven, under an iron bell/lid, which is covered with ashes and embers. The great thing about peka is that it is great for preparing any kind of meat. Dalmatian Peka is a very old way of cooking food and it takes a certain amount of skill to do it just right. It is a traditional way of preparing food and is exclusive to this part of the Adriatic sea area.



For dessert, we suggest Fritule.

Fritule are an old Croatian dessert that looks like donuts, and the special making and frying technique gives it an irreplaceable, sweet taste.


This experience includes the arrival of the chef in your rented house/villa, all the ingredients for preparation and drinks, and a free historic walk through the old town of Zadar.


After booking the experience, in agreement with guests, the professional chef will arrive at the rented accommodation and will start presenting the preparation of the dishes. After that, under the mentorship of a chef, guests will prepare traditional Dalmatian dishes and improve some of the preparation techniques. Guests will be able to experience cooking the old-fashioned way like people use to hundred years ago in this area.


If you have any special requirements and want a different menu, don't worry, we can arrange everything.

The minimum number of people for this experience is 5 and the maximum number of people is 15.