Authentic Stone House Stela & Lea
Authentic Stone House Stela & Lea
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Authentic Stone House Stela & Lea is a truly unique, new holiday home that looks like from a fairy tale.
This property is located in a suburban part of the city of Zadar, in a secluded area, without neighbors, without noise and crowds, surrounded by beautiful nature and forest. It's importanat to note that 800-900m before you reach the house you will have to drive trough not paved road. There is a possibility that during your stay you will come across smaller insects or wild animals, as the facility is located on the edge of the forest.

 This great stone house offers you a peace and intimacy, which you can't find so easily, especially near the city. With its three spacious double bedrooms and three large sofas, you can be sure that you will not miss the comfort. Dinning area with big bar, fireplace and good music it's perfect for a good atmosphere during your dinner. Small, but functional kitchenette will be enught to prepare a simple meal for your family or friends. Two stone BBQ and spacious pool area are ideal for afternoon outside party, and children playground with swings are ideal place for your kids. On private disposal for guests this house offers size of 180m2 , plus two 50m2 terraces, free Wifi and free parking.

The facility is internally protected by nets on the openings and on the outside it is protected by a wall and means to repel insects and wild animals. Guests are required to follow house and pool rules to protect themselves during their stay. The water inside the building is rainwater and not suitable for drinking, it would be safer to use purchased water. The kitchenette at the disposal of the facility is enough to prepare simple meals. The facility has 4 video cameras that are for the safety of the facility and guests, and do not endanger privacy within the facility.

The location of the property has historical significance. At the site of this newly built house there was the same old house. The owner of the house, according to the old designs from 1870. year, built the same house, but a slightly more modern variant.
For fans of historical details, it is interesting to note that the area where the house was located was the border with Italy during the war, and not far from the house was the barracks of the Italian army.On request, with additional payment you can rent a car, a boat for excursions or motorcycle. Also, in you're interested, organizing a big traditional Dalmatian dinner it's an option too.

If you decide to choose this house for your vacation, you can be sure that it will remain remembered as the best vacation you've ever had.

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Franco Mayer
Datum:   2022-07-16
5.00 / 5
Our time at this great stone house was very nice! The house is big enough to easily accommodate 6 guests + 2 kids. Everything is decorated with stone, and furniture is modern and in a perfect condition. If you need some groceries you can buy them in a small shop (Bakmaz) just down the street (5min by car) or you can buy some vegetables from the neighbors.. The hosts (Mr.Marko and his wife) were very easy to contact and very helpful. Mila organised us a traditional Dalmatian Dinner with a private chef Martina. This dinner was a very positive experience and the food was delicious. We enjoy discovering the gastronomy of Croatia and make jokes about everything! We recommend it and we will come back!

Lamia Ksybekcz
Datum:   2022-07-09
5.00 / 5
From the beginning, the reservation was really fast and Mila & Marinela were really helpful with all questions that we had and even organized the booking of a transfer to and from the airport (which was really helpful)! They were really easy to communicate with and responded to messages really quickly. The host Mr.Marko really made our holidays! Without him there I don’t know what we would have done! I would recommend hiring a car if you are staying at this villa as it was needed for us to get shopping (Taxis are really expensive) and Mr.Marko has his own car rental service. The villa is absolutely amazing and in the middle of nature! The beach is about a 15 minute drive away and you can buy some eco vegetables from neighbours! Also we accepted a proposal for Dalmatian Dinner from Mila and we were having our best! Only thing you have to keep in mind is that this is a house on the edge of the forest and it has only one bath/shower, but 2 separate toilets and an outdoor shower! Do not hesitate to book!

  Mrkića stan 6, 23000 Zadar, Croatia

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