New Authentic island stone house with sea view
New Authentic island stone house with sea view
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Welcome to our New gorgeous Authentic Island Stone House with Sea View, a stunning holiday house nestled in the enchanting island of Kaprije, Croatia. Perfectly situated at Trg iznad sela 22, this tranquil retreat delivers an idyllic island experience with an awe-inspiring view of the majestic sea, waking up to the gentle sea breeze and the sound of the waves splashing against Croatian shores. This captivating holiday house is the perfect getaway for up to four guests and a possibility of an extra child to sleep on the living room sofa, offering a nicely designed space that flawlessly blends traditional Croatian architecture with modern comfort. Each corner of this dwelling exudes a unique charm, taking guests on a journey where style, tradition, and relaxation meet. A fully equipped kitchen is connected to an outdoor dining area, with grill facility, outdoor sink a table cooking table. The accommodation provides two beautifully decorated bedrooms for a restful sleep in the upper floor, a pristine bathroom equipped with essential toiletries, and a cozy living room area downstairs with sleeping sofa where guests can unwind after an exciting day of exploring the island's natural wonders. The ideal place to connect, relax, share stories, or watch a heartwarming movie together, surrounded by the inviting traditional stone walls. Small pets up to about 4 kg are allowed upon request, and no parking spaces are available in the premise due to our island's specifics. But rest assured the lack of urban clatter, the fresh sea air, and the exquisite island scenery make up for it. At New Authentic Island Stone House with Sea View, we invite you to experience the best of Croatian island life – immerse yourself in the rich history that the stone households, the captivating whisper of the sea, and the warm hospitality that awaits you here in the heart of Kaprije, Croatia. You can use a free bike to explore the surroundings, or the houses fishing rods to try your luck with fishing, and for your little ones the are boardgames and play cards available.  Start creating unforgettable memories today.


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  Trg iznad sela 22, 22235 Kaprije, Croatia

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